Understanding the New VAT Regulations for UK Online Sellers

The UK government has recently introduced new VAT rules that significantly impact EU companies making small distance sales.

As a VAT-registered e-commerce seller in the UK, it's crucial to stay informed about the recent changes introduced by the British government. These changes, affecting VAT returns and exemptions, particularly impact EU companies making small distance sales.


One of the significant changes is the introduction of a new directive on price marking. This directive mandates that:

👉 Prices must be clearly and transparently marked, with consumers informed about additional costs such as taxes, customs, or delivery.

👉 Prices of products and services should be displayed in the same currency in which they are sold, and they must be visible and legible.


The primary objective of this directive is to enhance consumer protection and prevent misleading or deceptive price advertising. It's crucial for member states to implement this directive in their legislation and ensure its appropriate supervision. For more information about the directive, visit the official page here.


At Space Invoices, we're committed to helping your company navigate these new regulations. If you're finding it challenging to adjust to these changes, we can help simplify your invoices, streamline your processes, and avoid penalties. Don't risk penalties and loss of customer trust due to non-compliance.


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