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Space Invoices helps developers focus on building software instead of dealing with financial calculations and invoicing legislation.

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Robust integration

Integrate invoicing quickly without dealing with infrastructure, invoicing calculations and tax legislation.

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  • Reliable cloud service

  • High volume invoicing infrastructure

  • 100% tested financial and tax syntax

  • Constantly improving smart tax matching

Legally compliant

Fully compliant, but don’t take our word for it, trust the 1000+ companies already using our software every month.

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  • Complete management through API

  • Multi-organization management

  • Multi-user and Access management

  • White label support

Complete package

Comes with a fully-featured, simple to use user interface for you or your clients to manage their invoicing data, free.

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  • Complete visual interface for users

  • Open source client and server resources

  • Great customer support

  • Community oriented

Trusted by 1000+ companies creating invoices every month

For developers by developers

Nailing financial calculations, international legislation and taxes can be time consuming, we know because we've been integrating them for 3+ years. Our mission is to eliminate unnecessary complexity and provide simple integrations to get you started in minutes.

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// Example call:
  _documentClient: {
    name:"Neil Armstrong",
  _documentItems: [{
    name:"Space helmet",
    _documentItemTaxes: [{
.then(invoice => {
  // We have lift off!
// Example response:
  "id": "5a3683ea12d5a67dd0ef2f4c",
  "type": "invoice",
  "number": "2019-00001",
  "date": "2019-07-24",
  "dateService": "2019-07-24",
  "dateDue": "2019-08-23",
  "currencyId": "USD",
  "_documentIssuer": {
    "name": "The Space store ltd",
    "address": "300 E St SW",
    "city": "Washington DC",
    "zip": "20546",
    "country": "USA",
    "IBAN": "US56 2900 0000 0000 000",
    "bank": "Bank of America"
  "clientId": "5a3683ea12d5a67dd0ef2f4a",
  "_documentClient": {
    "name": "Neil Armstrong",
    "city": "Houston",
    "country": "USA"
  "_documentItems": {
    "itemId": "5a3683ea12d5a67dd0ef2f4b",
    "name": "Space helmet",
    "quantity": 1,
    "unit": "Item",
    "discount": 10,
    "price": 1000,
    "total": 900,
    "totalWithTax": 990,
    "totalDiscount": 100,
    "_documentItemTaxes": [{
      "id": "5a3683ea12d5a67dd0ef2f4e",
      "name": "GST (10%)",
      "rate": 10,
      "recoverable": true,
      "compound": false,
      "reverseCharged": false
  "note": "Thank you for your business.\n Please transfter the money to bank account [IBAN] open at [bank].",
  "signature": "Elton John, CEO\n [company name]",
  "footer": "[company name] [company address]",
  "_documentItemTaxes": [{
     "rate": 10,
     "base": 900,
     "value": 90,
  "organizationId": "5a3683ea12d5a67dd0ef2f45",
  "draft": "false",
  "canceled": "false",
  "sentEmail": "false",
  "total": 900,
  "totalDiscount": 100,
  "totalWithTax": 990,
  "totalPaid": 0,
  "paidInFull": "false",
  "_comments": [],
  "createdAt": "2019-07-24T17:52:11.296Z"


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Soplaya issues thousands of transport documents and invoices from local food supplyers to restaurants, Space Invoices supports their mission of bringing fresh ingredients from farms and other producers straight into the hands of local businesses.

Invoicing software in our core

Built from experience

We built Space Invoices from our experience of running an online invoicing software with 4000+ signed up companies. The core of our software is a fully-featured invoicing platform suitable for companies of various sizes and types.

  • Reliable cloud service

  • Custom document types

  • Automatic recurring documents

  • Customer and Vendor management

  • Services and Items management

  • Services and Items management

  • EU and US tax system support

  • Payment management

  • Organization management and Branding

Made for international invoicing

Made for local, cross-border and even cross-continent invoicing no matter where your or your user’s companies are based in.

  • Worldwide currencies support

  • Currency conversion rates

  • Multi-language documents

  • Cryptocurrency support

  • Cryptocurrency conversion rates

Try Space Invoices for free and start issuing invoices with just 10 lines of code.

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