Customer success story

From crowd funding to Australia's Fintech favorite

Thriday provides an all-in-one platform that automates banking, accounting, and tax processes.

Key results

Unified, customizable invoicing solution

Complete financial service

Custom UI

The neo-bank startup integrates Space Invoices to provide a convenient invoicing solution for their customers.


Thriday - financial platform was founded in 2020. It is making strides in modernizing financial operations for small enterprises across Australia. Reducing the time business owners spend on financial administration and providing an array of tools for efficient financial management, including advanced invoicing and business analytics. Their commitment to helping businesses succeed through time-saving solutions and continuous growth is rapidly positioning it as a leader in the Australian financial sector.

The Challenge

Thriday wanted to fix the complexities and inefficiencies of invoicing for small businesses. This issue was worsened by the withdrawal of Commbank's invoicing software, a tool many small businesses relied upon for its automation and integration with banking services. The gap left by Commbank's strategic shift exposed the need for an effective, user-friendly invoicing system. Thriday had two paths: build their own system or find an alternative. Building a custom solution was fraught with uncertainty, potentially taking up to six months – time they couldn't afford. The situation underscored the critical need for a reliable and swift solution to streamline invoicing and alleviate the added stress on small business owners.

"Concerned about a potential six-month delay, we opted for Space Invoices' API instead of building our own"

The Solution

After assessing the market, Thriday chose Space Invoices to quickly bring market-leading invoicing services to their customers. This collaboration resulted in an invoicing system meticulously crafted to save businesses time and substantially reduce costs. Thriday's approach extended beyond integrating Space Invoices' API; they also developed a customized front end - Thriday has a mobile application and for them, it is imperative to be able to create a custom UI. This enhancement transformed their platform into a bespoke solution, precisely tailored to meet the specific needs of Australian small businesses. This strategic partnership and technological innovation allowed Thriday to offer a highly efficient, cost-effective invoicing solution, reinforcing their commitment to optimizing financial management for small enterprises.

"Owners and operators of small businesses spend far too much time and money on their accounting and finance systems. We aim to be their affordable one-stop-shop for all of their financial management needs, including the invoicing solution enabled by Space Invoices."

The Results

The integration of Space Invoices’ technology into Thriday’s platform has enhanced the financial management experience for their clients. Thriday now offers a more comprehensive, efficiency-driven service that addresses the complexities of invoicing with simplicity and elegance.