Invoicing and Tax regulation in Tunisia

Invoicing Regulation in Tunisia

In Tunisia, the invoicing regulation is mandatory and all businesses are required to issue an invoice for every transaction. Businesses in the country must issue an invoice at the point of every transaction which must include standard information such as date of issue, a unique identification number, company name & address, and descriptions of goods or services. All invoices must be stored for a minimum of ten years from the fiscal year of issuance.

Real-Time Reporting / Fiscalization in Tunisia

Real-time reporting is a requirement by the Tunisian tax authorities where all transactions are declared promptly. In Tunisia, fiscalization is very common and mandatory in certain sectors especially in B2C businesses including hotels, restaurants and bars, where Electronic Billing Devices (EBD) are required to be implemented to transmit transactional data to the Tunisian tax authorities in real-time.

E-invoicing in Tunisia

E-invoicing in Tunisia is not yet mandatory, but is becoming increasingly prevalent in businesses across the country. The government is currently considering introducing regulations to make it compulsory, particularly for B2G businesses. By implementing e-invoicing, companies can streamline their processes, reduce costs, and ensure greater accuracy in their invoices.

VAT/GST/Tax Compliance in Tunisia

It is mandatory for businesses in Tunisia to be compliant with VAT/GST/tax regulations. The standard VAT rate in Tunisia is 19%, but reduced rates of 13%, 7% and 6% apply to some goods and services. There are penalties for non-compliance and businesses are encouraged to ensure they meet all tax obligations in a timely manner. Regular audits are carried out by the tax authorities to ensure compliance.

Please note that tax compliance for B2B, B2C and B2G business must follow these guidelines; however, specific taxation rules varying on the nature of transactions might also apply. It is advisable to get accurate information from the tax authorities or professional advisors.

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