Invoicing App

  • Ready-to-deploy user interface
  • Analytics dashboard
  • A/R and A/P modules for basic P&L


We've developed a full invoicing front-end fully integrated with our API. You and/or your B2B customers can use our UI to deploy your invoicing solution within minutes!


It's our UI, but definitely your brand. Insert your logo; select your color palette and incorporate custom messages on generated invoices.


We support dozens of languages and are adding more all the time.

Analytics Dashboard

Revenue Reporting

See invoicing activity and revenue reporting for each time period (both cash and accrual accounting methods).


Click through to see invoicing and payment status on an account-by-account basis.


Sort reports by date, country, income level, payment status, etc.

Basic Accounting Modules

A/R Aging Reports

View payment status and A/R aging (Quickbooks integration coming soon).

Basic P&L

Generate simple P&L reports, including revenue, categorized expenses, and profit calculations.

curl \
  -H "Authorization: TOKEN" \
  -d '{ \
    "type": "invoice" \
    "_documentClient": { \
      "name": "Rocket man", \
      "email": "[email protected]", \
      "country": "USA" \
    }, \
    "_documentItems": [{ \
      "name": "Space suit", \
      "quantity": 1, \
      "price": 19500 \
    }], \
    "send": true \
let response = await fetch('', {
  method: 'POST',
  headers: {
    Authorization: 'TOKEN'
  body: {
    type: 'invoice',
    _documentClient: {
      name: 'Rocket man',
      email: '[email protected]',
      country: 'USA'
    _documentItems: [{
      name: 'Space suit',
      country: 19500,
      country: 1
    send: true
import requests
url = ""
headers = {
  "Authorization": "TOKEN"
body = {
  "type": "invoice",
  "_documentClient": {
    "name": "Rocket man",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "country": "USA"
  "_documentItems": [{
    "name": "Space suit",
    "country": 19500,
    "country": 1
  "send": True
response =, data=body, headers=headers)

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