Real-time reporting

for local tax authorities

  • Automated transaction reporting
  • Local tax compliance
  • Global solution
Real-time reporting

Real-time transaction reporting and validation with local tax authorities.

Simple API

You share a few simple parameters and then we handle the rest.

Any Scale

Our customers' volumes range from a few transactions / month to millions of transactions / year.

Local Tax Compliance

Country Specific

E-Reporting specifications vary from one country to another. We track and implement these requirements so you don't have to.

Local Certification

Some countries require local certification for transaction reporting. We offer this as part of our service.


For many countries in the EU, specific "Fiscalisation" requirements apply to transaction reporting. This is a core part of our service.

Global Solution

One-Time Integration

A single integration with our API will support most of your E-Reporting requirements around the world.

Dozens of Countries

We are deployed in dozens of countries, and adding more all the time.

See more details about supported Countries.

Ahead of the Curve

While not all countries require E-Reporting, this is an irreversible global trend. We will help you stay ahead of the curve as more countries implement these requirements.

Developer first

Simply issue an invoice and we take care of the reporting.

No additional coding required, works automatically after set up.

curl \
  -H "Authorization: TOKEN" \
  -d '{ \
    "type": "invoice" \
    "_documentClient": { \
      "name": "Rocket man", \
      "email": "[email protected]", \
      "country": "USA" \
    }, \
    "_documentItems": [{ \
      "name": "Space suit", \
      "quantity": 1, \
      "price": 19500 \
    }], \
    "send": true \
let response = await fetch('', {
  method: 'POST',
  headers: {
    Authorization: 'TOKEN'
  body: {
    type: 'invoice',
    _documentClient: {
      name: 'Rocket man',
      email: '[email protected]',
      country: 'USA'
    _documentItems: [{
      name: 'Space suit',
      country: 19500,
      country: 1
    send: true
import requests
url = ""
headers = {
  "Authorization": "TOKEN"
body = {
  "type": "invoice",
  "_documentClient": {
    "name": "Rocket man",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "country": "USA"
  "_documentItems": [{
    "name": "Space suit",
    "country": 19500,
    "country": 1
  "send": True
response =, data=body, headers=headers)

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