Offer financial services

as part of your platform

By adding financial services, you can create more value, differentiate yourself from competitors, enhance the customer experience and create new revenue streams

Credit Card

More value to your customers

A single destination for your customers

Stop handing off critical finance functions to other companies who confuse the user interface, dilute your customer experience and charge fees for the effort.

A richer service offering

Offering core financial services such as billing and payments will enhance the image your customers have of your business and engage them in more touch points.

More revenue; more retention

By offering more services to your customers, you also deepen the relationship with them. This results in both greater opportunities for revenue generation and higher retention levels.

Get into fintech

Electronic Job Estimates & Invoicing

Why would you hand over your invoicing function to other branded solutions? With our API, you are immediately in the invoicing business—a first step on the path to fintech.


If you offer payment processing as an embedded part of your solution, you will not only streamline the workflow for your customers, but also open new revenue opportunities as a payment processor.

Simple Accounting

For your small business customers, we offer simple accounting features such as monthly P&L, automated payment reminders, and reconciliation of payments against invoices.

Case study


Thriday is an all-in-one financial management platform for small businesses in Australia.


As Thriday scoped out the services that would be most valuable to its small business customers, they recognized that invoicing is a major pain point that they could solve with an elegant solution to make businesses more productive and profitable.


After assessing the market, Thriday concluded that Space Invoices was the perfect partner for getting market leading invoicing services to market quickly. Together we have launched a service that was built from the ground up to save businesses time and money.

"Owners and operators of small businesses spend way too much time and money on their accounting and finance systems. We aim to be their affordable one-stop-shop for all of their financial management needs, including the invoicing solution enabled by Space Invoices."

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