Multi-tenant and multi-national billing

for digital marketplaces

With our API, you can simplify the complexity of many-to-many marketplaces that encounter varying compliance requirements for invoicing formats, tax rates, and real-time transaction reporting.

Invoice Modern

Many-to-Many Marketplace Support

Multi-tenant invoicing support

Online marketplaces inherently support multiple tenants. Unless the platform offers them invoicing services, they will need to support it themselves. Our API was constructed from the ground-up to support multiple tenants within an online marketplace.

Custom branding

It's not uncommon for multiple brands controlled by the same entity to reside on the same platform. We can help you offer invoicing services across multiple brands on your platform from a single control panel.

Localization: taxes, reporting languages, currencies

Local Tax Compliance

Do you really want to support local tax compliance for both the customers and suppliers on your platform? The answer is almost certainly, “no!” We'll handle that part.


Does your marketplace reside in a market that requires real-time transaction reporting to the local tax authorities? That's becoming increasingly common, and a problem that we can solve for you via our API.

Local Languages & Currencies

Our API will handle the conversion to local languages and currencies so that you can invite customers and merchants from any part of the world knowing that they will get a localized experience.

Case study


SaaS platform that provides everything you need to create, market, and sell your online courses.


LectureHub supports the creator economy by helping content creators monetize their expertise and create online video content libraries, such as courses and lectures. With a small development team, they sought an invoicing-as-a-service partner that could accelerate their time-to-market and handle local tax compliance.


After a market assessment of invoicing solutions, LectureHub discovered SpaceInvoices and seized the opportunity to launch tax-compliance invoicing via a simple API. They were able to support invoicing functionality within hours.

"With Space Invoices, we accelerated our time-to-market and kept our developers focused on our core business—creating and monetizing online lectures."

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