Handle high volumes

of locally-compliant micro-mobility transactions

Mobility businesses need to handle high volumes of transactions and adhere to local tax regulations, document formats, and currencies. Our API was built for just these requirements.

Global mobility

High-volume, in-app micro-transactions

High volumes

The nature of mobility businesses, such as an electronic bike rental business, means that there may be thousands of transactions per day. Our API was built with this in mind.


The customers of a mobility business are literally on-the-go. They don't have time for you to kick them out to a separate application or payment processor to complete a transaction. Our API allows you to handle mobile transactions “in-app” as a quick and seamless user experience.

Local Tax Compliance

Tax compliant invoicing & receipt formats

Different jurisdictions have different requirements for tax rates, invoicing formats and receipt generation. If you are going to offer your mobility SaaS across multiple nations, you don't want to be dealing with these details. Leave it to us!

Real-time reporting

A growing number of countries require that transactions be reported and verified in real-time, often called “fiscalisation” or “E-Reporting.” This capability is at the heart of the Space Invoices API, allowing you to stay compliant with tax authorities as you deploy your solution around the world.

Case study

ATOM Mobility

ATOM is a mobile app that provides entrepreneurs and organizations with the software they need to offer vehicle sharing services in a specific market.



ATOM was created with the ambition of making vehicle sharing available in all cities in the world. As they launched their platform, they realized that various cities and countries have different requirements for transaction formats, not to mention local currency and language support. They sought a partner who could provide these services.


In Space Invoices, ATOM found the perfect partner for enabling their mobility SaaS solution to be deployed globally while keeping the local tax authorities. Thus far, ATOM and Space Invoices are deployed in dozens of countries together.

"We want to make our solution easy to deploy on a global basis. We also didn't want to constantly develop local tax compliance support, including real-time reporting in some markets. When we found Space Invoices, we knew we had the perfect fit."

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