• Added a section about the multi-tenant Data Hierarchy
  • Added a section on the Implementation Flow with the API


  • Added a guide on how to use Space Invoices' Payment Processing


  • Completely overhauled the documentation design to better reflect new branding and improve the user experience
  • Added examples to all requests in Node.js, Python and cURL
  • Added a section on Replayable requests
  • Added a section on Categories and Document Categories
  • Added a section on Price Lists
  • Added a section on Units
  • Added a section on Payment Processing and Stripe Connect
  • Added a section on Connectors for e-commerce
  • Added a section on real-time reporting for Croatia (FINA)
  • Added multiple missing requests to existing sections
  • Added a section on the UI SKD


  • Added OpenAPI 3.0 spec link
  • Added Postman Collection link


  • Added information about Payment Processing via Stripe Connect.
  • Added new smart codes for Client name and contact details.
  • Added information on generating a shareableId for Document.


  • Fixed order filter curl example


  • Added pdf link property to Document
  • Added information about sending the Document when calling the Create Document endpoint.
  • Added information about adding a Payment when calling the Create Document endpoint.


  • Added BPay payment provider property to Document section (Australia)


  • Added Inventories section
  • Added Warehouses section
  • Updated Item section with information on trackInventory
  • Updated Item section with information on components
  • Added additional smart code definitions
  • Added localization section


  • Added correct login and impersonate example responses


  • Added example of PDF to Getting started and Retrieve a Document PDF sections
  • Added information about adding translated document content


  • Updated sidebar with sections
  • Updated property definition style for improved readability
  • Updated the Documents section:
  • Added the Cancel Document action
  • Added the Uncancel Document action
  • Added the Mark Document as sent action
  • Added the Count Documents action
  • Added the reference property
  • Added Document Taxes and Reverse Taxes properties
  • Added the uniqueId property
  • Added the totalConverted and totalWithTaxConverted properties
  • Added the totalDue, totalPaid and paidInFull properties
  • Updated the Document Client property:
  • Added missing address properties
  • Added the isEndCustomer property
  • Updated the Document Issuer property:
  • Added missing address properties
  • Updated the Document Items property:
  • Added the priceGross property
  • Added the discountIsAmount property
  • Added the SKU property
  • Added read-only totals properties
  • Updated the Document Taxes property:
  • Added the name and abbreviation properties
  • Added the Model custom data section
  • Added the Calculations section
  • Added the Smart codes section
  • Added the Rate limits section
  • Added the Defaults section
  • Update the Accounts section:
  • Added the Impersonate action
  • Added the reset and update password sections
  • Added the accept invitation section
  • Added the reject invitation section
  • Updated the Organizations section:
  • Added the Deactivate action
  • Added the Activate action
  • Added the Access object
  • Added the Invite action
  • Added the List Accounts with access action
  • Added the Remove access action
  • Added the Disable access action
  • Added the Enable access action
  • Added the Change role access action
  • Added the Stats actions
  • Added the Export action
  • Added endpoints index to models
  • Added use of token and organization id if user logged in


  • Added 'incoming' property to document
  • Added Webhooks section
  • Added Soft delete section


  • Added Fiscalization (SI) section


  • Added instructions for _documentItems[].save property to the create document method
  • Added instructions for missing dateValidTill and datePaid document properties
  • Estimate's dateValidTill is set based on new default value set on organization estimate_validTillDays
  • Added _documentConversionRate definition to document
  • Added better tax loading for documents methods
  • Added tax loading instructions for documents methods
  • Added better tax loading for items methods
  • Added tax loading instructions for items methods
  • Fixed list taxes example response
  • Fixed create tax curl typo


  • Renamed token to launch codes :)


  • Added countries documentation
  • Fixed some iso references
  • Added extra clarification about taxes
  • Fixed currency id field name
  • Added missing tax abbreviation field where applicable
  • Removed redundant required field notation on read operations


  • Added a changelog
  • Added instructions for uploading a logo or signature to an organization
  • Added information about Apollo UI
  • Added instructions about listing a single organization's data
  • Added alternative instructions for providing access token as query param of URL
  • Added more information about sending documents in emails
  • Added more information about downloading PDFs

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