Data Hierarchy

This section outlines the multi-tenant data hierarchy of the Space Invoices API.

The Space Invoices platform is designed with a sophisticated data hierarchy to ensure a seamless and secure invoicing experience. At the pinnacle of this structure is the Master Account, which holds overarching access privileges to all sub-accounts and their corresponding organizations, laying out a comprehensive overview of the entire account landscape.

Sub-accounts, or Child Accounts as we refer to them, are an optional feature that offers granular access control. These accounts are perfect for users who require specific access rights, as they operate with scoped permissions linked to their access tokens. This feature is ideal for businesses that need to delegate tasks without compromising the integrity of the overarching account structure.

Organizations fall under these accounts, each functioning as an independent entity with its own set of resources. These include a variety of components essential for business operations, such as documents, payments, items, and clients, among others. This delineation ensures that each organization maintains its distinct set of data, accessible only to authorized users within its domain.

By employing this hierarchical approach, Space Invoices not only enhances data organization but also fortifies the security measures, ensuring that every level of user access is clearly defined and tightly controlled.

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