Implementation Flow

This section presents a basic flow of an application interaction with the Space Invoices API.

Integrating with Space Invoices is a seamless journey designed to enrich your platform's invoicing capabilities. The process begins with the onboarding phase, where new users are automatically set up with a mirror organization in Space Invoices, enabling them to manage invoices effortlessly. When a new user signs up on your system, an API call is made with their data to Space Invoices, which in turn creates an organization and assigns it a unique Organization ID. This ID is then relayed back to your system and associated with the user's account, completing the loop.

For invoice creation, users can initiate the process within your system, which triggers another API call to Space Invoices, this time with the Organization ID and invoice data. Space Invoices processes this request by creating an invoice, and if required, sends it directly to the recipient via email. Your system then receives the response data, which includes details of the invoice creation, ready to be handled according to your workflow.

These diagrams represent the straightforward and efficient interaction between your system and the Space Invoices API, ensuring a fluid transition from user onboarding to invoice management, all while maintaining a user-triggered or event-based approach for flexibility and control.

Implementation Flow gulp image fix ../assets/img/space-invoices-ext-user-flow-chart-onboarding.png Implementation Flow gulp image fix ../assets/img/space-invoices-ext-user-flow-chart-creating-an-invoice.png