Smart codes

Smart codes are a powerful mechanism that enables you to insert placeholders in certain text fields, which are later replaced with actual values. For example, you can place the following text inside a Document's note field:

When paying, please use reference [document number]

The [document number] placeholder will be replaced with the actual document number when generating the Document PDF.

Why is this approach better than simply using the actual document number? Consider creating a copy of the aforementioned document by duplicating its values—this would result in a note containing an incorrect document number reference. By using smart code placeholders, you ensure the correct number is populated in each document without any extra effort.

Smart codes are primarily used in document properties such as note, signature, and footer. They are also supported in email subject lines and messages.

Types of Smart codes


[organization name]

Bank account number

SWIFT / BIC / routing code of bank

Name and address of bank



Zip / postal code



[tax number]

[company number]


[document id]
Current document id. Useful for generating unique links that contain a reference to the document automatically.

[document number]
Current document number

Current document reference

[tax clause]
Tax clause for specific document. Useful in document note property.


[client name]
Document Client's company name.

[client contact]
Document Client's contact.