How to create an organization through the API

In previous video, you can see how to create an organization through the dashboard. This post will explain how to create an organization through the Space Invoices API.


First, you need to install the Space Invoices SDK and input the accountId and token.

The method for organization is under Organization module, which you can find here (link to docs/organizations). It requires 2 parameters: accountId and the organization object.

The only required fields in the organization object are the name of the ...

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6 type of invoices

There are 6 types of invoices. At this spot in the documentation, you can see how to create estimate, advance and a normal invoice.

A Proposal, bid or an an advance: States how much your business expects to charge for a job or a project. It is easily changes to represent the actual cost, once the project has been completed.

An Interim invoice: This type is usually invoices at regular intervals for long-term projects, instead of sending one final invoice for the total amount. They can be issued every month or week, but are usually issued after a certain milestone of the project is done.

Recurring invoice: Very useful for businesses which are providing a continuing services to ...

Top 5 unmissable fintech events in 2018

This is our pick of top unmissable fitech events that will take place in Europe till the end of 2018. Do you have any other suggestions? Let’s up know! / 26th September / Schaan, Lichtenstein Smaller than other events on this list, offers a full-day packed with workshops, lectures and networking events. While mainly focuses on digital innovation, it also covers the vast variety of topics from finance industries and banking. If you are looking to meet fintech enthusiasts from all around the globe, this is most definitely a place to be!

__EuroFinance / 26th - 28th September / Geneva, ...

Invoices as a marketing tool

Here at Space Invoices, we like to take what we have and make the best out of it. And since an invoices is pretty much something you client has to look at, here are few ways you can make your client see more than just an invoice, all in the footer:

You and your brand are one__ And your invoices shouldn’t be an exception. Set the logo and the colours - by doing that, it reminds your customers who you are, what you do & what sets you apart from the competition. Colours also play a very important role. For example, green is directly connected to money and blue encourages trust.

Write a thank you note & combine it with a kind reminder__ We shouldn’t take people for granted - especially out clients. From everyone offering the service, they ...

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How to integrate Space Invoices into your project

Jun 17, 2018

“To infinity and beyond! - as long as it’s fast, safe and robust.”

In this post we explain how our developer oriented invoicing API allows us an easy integration of invoicing into software products. Remember, Space Invoices is a robust and compliant system that provides a service you can rely on to work continuously and under high load. Our forte most of all is complex user, organization and document management especially in multi-user and multi-company configurations and white label integrations of our product into other software and interfaces. This can all be achieved through the API. All data created through the API can be managed through a UI that comes free with a developer account making it easy for non-technical team ...

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